Configuration Baseline

iPad Configuration Baseline
Manage system security. Plan maintenance. Respond to trouble calls. Report on system availability and performance. None of these activities can be completed effectively without a reliable configuration baseline, which InfraLink® can support with the additional advantage of full customization to your system elements. InfraLink® takes the well-worn concept of a “single source of truth” to a new level by integrating the configuration database with the system design drawings and active monitoring of deployed system configurations.


Maintains accuracy of the configuration baseline through deep integration with engineering drawings and documentation

  • Integrates important system configuration information directly from the building information model (BIM)

  • Performs incremental updates and tracks consistency of the configuration baseline with design/as-built documentation

  • Reports discrepancies between the configuration baseline and the engineering/as-built packages for systems under maintenance

Fully configurable system elements align with lifecycle processes from planning to decommissioning


Baseline data for sustainment management

  • Logs asset installation

  • Tracks configuration attribute changes and status updates

  • Integrates with maintenance workflows


  • Single source of information
  • Accuracy of as-built information at turnover to operations and maintenance
  • Data integrity throughout the project lifecycle
  • Effective sustainment program tailored to all of your equipment and project specific need