Issues Analysis & Management

iPad view - Issue Analysis and Management
InfraLink® is designed to put infrastructure owners in control of measuring system availability. Designed with flexibility and customization in mind, InfraLink® allows you to define workflows that closely match your maintenance processes. InfraLink® captures high-fidelity information that enables you to better assess system and process performance, conduct effective root cause analysis and ensure individual accountability for lifecycle maintenance.


  • Ticketing system

  • Captures detailed issue information at the project, location, system, and device component levels

  • Aggregates reporting by system

  • Visualize overall system and asset-specific performance trends

  • Real-time tracking of issues, causes, and resolutions

  • Response time and mean time to repair (MTTR) tracking and analysis

  • Access to historical data and reporting


  • Uncover cost and time inefficiencies, common issues and root causes
  • Actionable information for executive-level decision making
  • Greater visibility to system and process performance metrics
  • Transparency and accountability for maintenance processes
  • Supports a proactive, data-driven system management plan