Inventory Management

Managing inventory and spare parts across a geographically-diverse network of warehouses is a complex challenge. Work delays caused by stock shortages are costly, but so too are extensive inventory carrying costs. InfraLink® helps you track assets throughout your building's lifecycle so you can plan replacements based on a reliable configuration baseline, performance history, and operational priorities. InfraLink® also streamlines stringent Government and enterprise property reporting requirements.


  • Readily available integrated drawings and asset level details that provide specifics of make/models, purchase, installation, and service history
  • Maintains accurate inventory counts and triggers new equipment orders
  • Predictive failure forecast for budgeting
  • Device level details 


  • Forecast spare inventory, needs, and management
  • Maintain critical items are in stock
  • Ensure timely repairs
  • Avoid overstocks
  • Save money
  • Manage compliance for complex projects