Performance Metrics & Reporting

Building owners and operators require actionable data to make informed decisions. InfraLink® provides a range of standard reports and dashboards that support a common operational picture and offers critical insights to support ongoing improvements in systems performance and management. InfraLink® puts you in control by offering intuitive tools to customize outputs and export information in standard formats, e.g. MS Excel, suitable for additional processing. Data and historical trends help you to improve plans, procedures, and resource allocation with complete traceability and accountability in InfraLink®


Configuration Baseline
Metrics and reports are available by system, sub-system, or asset category with further data sorted by time, asset types, maintenance categories, and other variables.

Installation Management
Track documentation and results of testing and commissioning activities to meet reporting requirements. Trend operational performance against installation baselines.  

Preventive Maintenance
InfraLink® dashboards deliver analytics, in the form of customizable widgets, which track response times and MTTR. Reports drill down to the device-levels, providing detailed information on real-time status, location, historic issues and resolutions.

Issues Analysis & Management
Issue tracking is recorded, monitored, and used to troubleshoot common issues. InfraLink® forms a comprehensive repository of historical data on problem sources, usage, and asset information.

Materials Inventory
Built-in reporting features and filters allow management to track repair history, QC inspection results, and anticipated lifecycle replacements as well as other customer-specified key performance indicators.