About InfraLink ®

InfraLink®, formerly IMMS®/Job Connect®, is a robust lifecycle management and critical process automation platform. Developed by building systems experts who design, implement, operate and maintain complex, mission-critical facilities, InfraLink® streamlines management across your systems' lifecycle. InfraLink® supports configuration baselines, issues management, preventive maintenance, installation management, materials inventory, and reporting for a comprehensive assessment of your systems and team performance.

Planning, Scheduling, Execution, Performance Analysis, and Reporting

Features & Benefits

Configuration Management

Manage system security. Plan maintenance. Respond to trouble calls. Report on system availability and performance. InfraLink® serves as a single source of truth to manage an effective sustainment program while preserving the integrity of your data.

Installation Management

Track real-time information across your organization. InfraLink® provides a common operational view, mapped to the BIM Model, for project team members and managers to accurately plan and track installation progress.

Preventive Maintenance

Ensure your critical systems and equipment are available when you need them. InfraLink® helps you anticipate and plan for scheduled maintenance so you can avoid unplanned outages.

Issues Analysis & Management

Gain insight into system and process performance. InfraLink® provides high-fidelity data while placing infrastructure owners in control. You define custom workflows to match your maintenance processes.

Materials Inventory

Avoid work delays and prevent extensive downtime. InfraLink® facilitates effective spare parts management and planning so that your critical equipment is readily available for deployment.


InfraLink® provides a wide-range of standard reporting and dashboard components that support common operational processes and provide critical insights for infrastructure owners and operators.

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Technical Support Services

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